Wednesday, 3 October 2007

A little bit puzzled

Surely I am not the only one to have noticed that these new plans that the sitting government keep revealing to us, the humble electorate, are all a bit desperate!
Touted by the fly-guys, Abbott et al, as the be all and end all in health policy one wonders why after 11 years in government the restructuring of hospital governance with local boards only appears to have dawned upon them in these weeks before an election. Well, one doesn't really wonder!
But it seems like policy on the run, ill-conceived, hastily thought out and responsive only to the whim of the electorate. Far from being 'aspirational' ( a word they only appear to have just discovered) it seems desperational, erratic and therefore likely to be frought with yet-to-be-conceived problems.
One wonders what next? If my memory serves me correctly we will actually begin to see fresh loaves, sliced and unsliced...raisin and sesame seed sprinkled...this will be handed out to people (probably free) as they sit watching performing elephants and big-footed clowns at the Canberra Hippodrome.
It a mad, mad world!

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