Thursday, 4 October 2007

Women at the pointy end

In a split but definitive judgment of the Anglican Church's Appellate Tribunal, a majority (4-3) judgment was handed down last week that there is no objection to women being ordained as bishops.
In the way that we love legal things, it is all a bit too tricky to go into here ( I will be happy to point you in the right here). Friends outside the church will find it laughable. Might I say that much of it is because we are too sensitive to people's alleged sensibilities and so we slow everything down to try and accomodate absolutely everybody. This doesn't seem to work, and does allow bizarre obstructionism which can go on for years.
Well perhaps now it is over.
The ABC's Religion Report had very good interview with two leading Australian Church Women, Colleen O'Reilly from Melbourne and Kay Goldsworthy in Perth. O'Reilly makes a number of very good points. She exposes how those opposed to women's ordination are a little precious in their claim that their opposition is 'biblically based', as if some how those of us who support the ordination of women are not.
I, in fact, (and O'Reilly makes the same point) would hold that the notion of the radical equality of women is a key scriptural principle...just as much as the equality of black and white.
Moving on from this she then makes the point that if 'alternative episcopal oversight' is going to be sought in Dioceses where women minister for people who can't tolerate it, then equally well alternative episcopal oversight should be being provided in Sydney, The Murray and Armidale for people who (like me) are deeply affronted that women's ordination is denied.
These streets need to run both ways!!

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