Thursday, 22 November 2007

Falling on your sword

What a good book the present electoral campaign will make in 12 months time!
Chief amongst the observations will be the analysis of how seasoned political players, the PM included, could so badly misjudge electoral intelligence. Evidence for this might be:
  • How foolish is it for JH to tell the electorate who the next leader of the parliamentary Liberal will be, breaching all notions of democracy; as if it is some sort of patronage gift!
  • The real hubris of out-of-control Liberals in NSW who, in becoming more and more desperate, should finally play the disgusting race-religion card
  • The bizarre commentary (equally desperate) of Jackie Kelly that this is a joke.
  • The waste of the ante-penultimate day (the day before-the day before) to this side issue
  • Pleased to see the absolute disgust of the most senior TV commentator, Laurie Oakes, as he displayed his incredulity at how Kelly could be so stupid!
  • Good to see the PM repudiate the trick, but what else could he do.
All in all, it is surely all over bar the shouting!

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