Thursday, 6 December 2007

Christmas Crap

Amidst everything else that goes on at this time of year today December 6th is Saint Nicholas Day, known to us of more Germanic Origin as Santa Claus...I looked around our house the other day and saw that there were more statues of him than of the stable at Bethlehem!
None of them looked like the venerable icon pictured here most like the joke at the foot of the page.
What we miss of course is that Saint Nicholas is quite a good sort of role model. A Bishop known for secret charity...dropping gold coins down the chimney of a house so that the three daughters would not be sold into slavery...yes that's what those chocolate coins are all about.
Most of the "crap" (and I use this term advisedly!) of Christmas is like this, there is good and challenging insight in what is being proposed. Like isn't it good that we live in a world where children are not sold into slavery..or do we? (here if you can bear to put down your mince pie)
And maybe we should be trying to think of just one thing we can do this Christmas that might not be me-focussed!
Otherwise it is just a whole lot of crap isn't it?

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