Friday, 7 December 2007

Teddy comes home

I guess most of us are relieved that a naive schoolteacher has not been executed for allowing a Teddy Bear to be called Mohammed in a Sudan classroom.
As I understand it she didn't actually do it. The kids suggested names and then they voted on it. And they chose.
Now if she had been smart she wouldn't have allowed that name to go forward...but she did and the rest is history.
What is silly about her is that teaching in such a culturally sensitive environment you would have hoped she would have thought a little more carefully. I was very conscious of how two SA locals Barry and Ann Lock , CMS missionaries in Pakistan, were always deeply respectful of Islam. And were always careful to promote cultural respect and to err on the side of caution when it came to possibly affecting other people's sensibilities.
WE may think from an Australian or British point of view that this is hysterical behaviour, and maybe it is. But other people's houses are always funny places to be...and we should be respectful.
It's interesting that York Minster has sold out of one item of its special Christmas gifts. A teddy bear dressed up like Archbishop Sentamu!
We live in a very mixed worl


Arthur_Vandelay said...

Respecting the sensitivities of others--however insane, irrational and/or emotion-driven they may be--is one thing.

Being thrown into jail for allowing your students to name a teddy bear "Mohammed," and having some call for your execution for this most heinous of offences, is quite another.

stephen clark said...

However wrong the auhtorities were I just think this woman was really silly!

The Worst of Perth said...

Here are the ones she should have used mate.