Wednesday, 13 February 2008

We will be at our best today if......

The above quotation from Brendan Nelson is true and I thought he spoke eloquently and imaginatively, even if some of the things he said were inappropriate. Maybe true, but inappropriate for today.
Too much justification of the former government's policies. Policies which are hailed by some and decried by others both black and white (eg. the 'NT intervention'). 
As usual, many aboriginal people were entirely gracious even in the face of inadequacy. One older man interviewed on the lawns highlighted some issues that he thought were inappropriate, but nevertheless said (of Nelson) "At least he got out of the boat...he could have stayed in..but he got out!"
Yes, I think this is true. 
Apology, saying sorry, is an inadequate science. We will never get it right. And I think we have to accept that.
Having struggled with an exercise on behalf of the Church to try and offer an opportunity for us to repent of some  of the abuse stuff we have been involved in, but we were denied the opportunity to do this; I am well aware that we struggle to get this important stuff right. And don't usually manage it.
Let's resist the temptation to dissect. To move on is now our responsibility.

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