Thursday, 14 February 2008

Good on us

Whilst some comment has been made on the various inadequacies of yesterday's events
  • Mr Tuckey's facetious comments that it would not change a damn thing and his laughable rationalisations for not participating (here). He says he is 'horrified' that the Federal Parliament should be turned into a dance parlour. This from a man called "Iron Bar" because of his notorious (and deliberate) stance when it comes to subtlety!
  • There is much angst about what Nelson should and should not have said
  • There is a clear understanding that as wonderful as this event was, it is largely symbolical and we must move on to action
  • I note that having received an apology from the Rudd staffers who should have known better than to betray the spirit of the day by turning their back on the leader of the Opposition, that Nelson is now whining because Rudd has not apologised to him for the behaviour of others. This is rich coming from the leader of a party who have for a decade said that they don't need to apologise for what other people have done. Alack, methinks we are back to game playing the political game

I'm glad nevertheless that there seems to be genuine energy and commitment to move on with vigour, innovation and dedication rather than nitpick.


SouthOzBloke said...

A large number of people left when Brendan Nelson came on-screen in Elder Park and I knew about Wilson Tuckey's comments. BNs speech and WTs comments disappointed me but seems indicative of a party that just doesn't understand what it takes to create a compassionate, egalitarian and just 21st century Australia. So much for healing.
I didn't know about Kevin Rudd's staffers turning their back on BN during his speech but good on them for doing it and good on them apologising too.

stephen clark said...

I imagine that Kevin Bloody Rudd! would have been furious at the staffers.
I think I would have turned my back though!! One Canberra person said it just happened spontaneously there was no orchestration about it
I watched the rerun today, and I just think Nelson got it wrong.
this has always been my complaint with politicians we want more than just pragmatism...we also need vision. This day was a day for vision and a bigger leader than Nelson would have understood that.
I hope he might grow into it in a way, but I think he is too ambitious.