Monday, 21 April 2008

2020 cynicism

A couple of weeks ago my Master's degree coordinator accused me of being 'cynical' when I was making a comment about my dealings with one of the teachers.
I was bemused...though I am often cowed by such comments, needing to be seen as more benevolent than 'cynical'...I did feel slighted by this. I was trying to make a serious comment about (failure of) service delivery, and in fact was being put down.
I surprised myself by asserting that I was not being cynical I was trying to be honest.
But I am easily convicted of cynicism.
I am NOT cynical about 2020, though the usual suspects have already been shouting their mouths off...with comments like '1000 softy liberals, pinkos and Labor party sympathisers' and the endless stream of comments that no amount of talk will solve the problem.
All those statements are demonstrably untrue (and predictably cynical) ...while Phillip Adams, who fits almost all those criteria was there...what an insult to the other fine people, particularly those who represented Aboriginal, multicultural, high-end business, science, youth and educational interests...and even Phillip says the occasional good thing...he just doesn't really listen (in my opinion).
It is true that it won't be worth a fig if words are not translated into action, but it seemed to me there is a great desire to do just that.
If it opens up the narrowness of the political system to a wider stream of thought, if it challenges decison makers to be visionary, if it helps us recover a sense of confidence and if ti translates to action then it will have been well worth it.
I am heartened


Doors4me said...

So your not cynical about the 2020 summit. Do you think that you have no excuse to be cynical? As surely as the sun comes up tomorrow you can be assured that those involved with politics, industry and influence will rob you clean...and make you feel good about it. I'm cynical and honest! Never give the bastards an inch.

The government serve only one master, themselves. And then, they even fight who among them gets the thicker slice of the pie.

Housing for all, free quality medical care, quality state education, intergration of infrastructure, economic transperancy and access for the poor, justice reform...and on and on. These are old problems with recoated solutions. Successive generations have been duped by successive governments and industries to believe that somehow they have resolved them. But here we are today, still trying to 'fix the fence'. I can tolerate Rudd, I can tolerate this 2020 summit if it yields one solution to fix our nations problems. So far, the wisest and anointed amongst us have come up with re-igniting the republic issue, improving the Arts and installing broadband nationally. This is yet another coat of paint.

I think that the solutions are self-evident and are common sense based. It simply requires an honest and fair leader. A leader that makes the families of Australia the priority and refuses to make the dollar the bottom line.

Government must represent the people, it doesn' let's fix it. Its a fundamental starting point. I am shocked that people quietly and powerlessly allow governmental politics to stunted and deprive its own citizens. Bracks, Lemma, and a host of others have fiddled with government and our future at our expense and we have become so blase and tolerant of them. Perhaps the best idea for Australia is a revolution, not of ideas but of intolerance toward poor governance.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling positive about the 2020summit.
However, I don't feel that the government is bound to take on board all that is proposed.
They are the elected government and therefore have to take responsibilty to look at the ideas thrown up at the summit and see whether they feel they can and should implement then.

Doors4me said...

Bottom line is you trust the politicians, business leaders and lobbyist will seek an altruistic resolution. I don't. People like you don't realise that there are people and groups who will/are taking advantage of your good faith/trust. Look around you! Feeling good won't help you when you can't get timely and effective medical attention, or when you're paying $1.60/lt for petrol, or your neighbour quitting his/her job because they can't afford childcare, or suffering senior citizens, or when you buy a two bedroom house for $500,000... and then lose the house because banks have independently raised their interest rates. Still feel positive? Good. As I said in my first comment "As surely as the sun comes up tomorrow you can be assured that those involved with politics, industry and influence will rob you clean...and make you feel good about it. I'm cynical and honest! Never give the bastards an inch"

stephen clark said...

Really doors4me, you sound like I could sound if I gave in to my paranoia. (as I have done sometimes)
All those concerns you list are real concerns,(I have three children living at home who will probably never be able to afford a house!) and there are no doubt those whose only interest is self-interest I am just glad that there seemed a bit more optimism and hope.

Doors4me said...

Stephen, you amaze me. Insinuating that I am perhaps paranoid won't help your three children...neither will feeling optimistic. Let me know when you have something substantial to offer.

stephen clark said...

I don't know if I know you, I then might be able to comment on whether you are paranoid or not. I note I did not refer to anyone's paranoia other than my own.
However there is a certain sense of unremitting hyperbole about your comments which does tend to make think they are somethign of an over reaction.
My point?
I too am given to over reaction, but on this occasion (I noted) I was strangely heartened. Maybe I am maturing, (I make no comment about your maturity at all!)

Doors4me said...

A little paranoia can be helpful. Anyway, call me what you want. It doesn't concern me. Let me put it in plane terms for you then Stephen...I do not have a warm and fuzzy about the 2020 Summit. That will occur when our national problem/s are sorted and not before. No, I don't share your optimistic view because modern history and human nature make an overwhelming case against holding onto pipe dreams. Instead, the evidence teaches me to learn from what has occurred and respond accordingly. There is no law against feeling optimistic, and my beef is not with you because you do. But I will wait with baited breath to see how the state and federal government will improve life for all and ordinary Australians.