Saturday, 19 April 2008

Over compensating

The thing I hate most about Imperial Leather soap is the horrible little metallic paper tag in the middle of the bar. I always remove it.
But, of late, it is not the only thing that gets to me. As we look at banning plastic supermarket bags in SA I wonder why Imperial Leather soap has to:
  1. Come in packs of three or more covered in unrecyclable plastic wrap
  2. Have each bar in its own individual cardboard carton
  3. Then have each bar individually wrapped again. Opening the cardboard is always tricky for uncoordinated klutzes like me, but when you achieve it you discover that each individual bar inside its own carton is wrapped again in unrecyclable plastic wrap
Having done all that, and remembering that I am not good at unwrapping (having only two degrees, a diploma and all manner of safety accreditations) I still struggle to make sure the nasty metallic tag is removed so as not to scratch my delicate body.

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