Thursday, 15 May 2008

Still don't get it

The opening words of Dr Nelson's address in reply remind us that they still don't get it.
"Australians should ask themselves what's in it for me?"
The government (it seems to me) is talking about what's in it for US ...nation building...working together.
Dr Nelson et al just don't get that ME is opposed to US!


Anonymous said...

"The general public is also a victim of those who decide what will be seen, read and heard and what will not," commented ...?

stephen clark said...

If one(on one's own blog) is subject to rantings which are unintelligible ...not, I say, with which I disagree but which are unstructured, repetitious, unfocussed (I could go on) ...I would (and do) reserve the right to also make the editorial decision (it is my blog after all)to remove same.