Thursday, 13 November 2008

'Tis the season

I seem faintly ahead of myself this year, maybe the fact that circumstances of the last few weeks have caused an ongoing sorting out of stuff (still a long way to go). I even wondered if we should put the Christmas Tree up this weekend...Advent not yet begun...I was reminded that Fr Christmas did arrive in Adelaide last weekend...but we'll leave it for a couple of weeks.
So here is my annual blog about the jacaranda, since I saw a wonderful specimen yesterday, which sends the thrill of the late Spring surging through my veins.
Reminding that exams are happening (T was feeling glum last night and I couldn't cheer him up....Ahh well they're NOT all over he said....still a week to go! I allowed him the indulgence of feeling sorry for himself)
Any way the order is almost ready for the Carol Service, there is a deep sense that if we don't do this or that now, then in four weeks time it will be too late!

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AV said...

Jacaranda: Australia's answer to the Japanese cherry blossom.