Thursday, 13 November 2008

this is worth thinking about-with regard to local violence

13 November 2008
Archbishop’s plea: avoid racial stereotypes
The Archbishop of Adelaide has issued a plea that the tragic killing of a teenager on an Adelaide city street should not result in the racial stereotyping of the Sudanese community in Adelaide.
Archbishop Jeffrey Driver said that appalling as such events were, particularly among the young,
people needed to remember that tragic events of violence sadly occurred across all groupings in society and none were immune.
“Having said that, we also need to recognise the special needs of the Sudanese who have come to us from appalling and often traumatic circumstances”, the Archbishop said.
“The Southern Sudan was engaged in war for more than twenty years. About two million people were killed. Barely a family was exempt from grief. Many young people grew up in refugee camps. I have travelled in the Southern Sudan and have seen something of the effects of the war in terms of poverty, dislocation and trauma.
“We need to ensure that there is long term support for these members of our community, who have come from so much difficulty and who have their own vitality and contribution to bring to Australia”.

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