Friday, 30 January 2009

One topic

There is only one topic in SA and that is the heatwave, although I slept relatively well (but I did watch TV until late) I did wake up feeling tired and a bit shaky.
With no relief in sight for another week obviously the place to be is Robe, where is is a mere 38!
Being as how there is not much we can do about it, I think we just have to keep on saying "It's OK! This is Australia and it's hot in summer!" .......Sure is!! (Bureau of Meteorology here)


Anonymous said...

I liked the pictures of snow at the side.
Reminded me of being in Yr 9 in a prefab classroom one unbearably hot afternoon, and the English teacher told us all to put our heads down on the desk and she read usa poem called the ice cart.

stephen clark said...

Yes indeed! I remember the old prefabs at Whyalla High School...and double physics on a Tuesday afternoon when it was hard to stay awake when it was warm, and you'd swing on the chair and your head would fall back and you'd wake up with a jolt
On the other hand, I can also remember primary school in England. So much ice that we couldn't actually make the walk up the steep hill.

Anonymous said...

... was the chair one of those grey metal mesh things that on a hot day would leave red grid marks on your legs that were good enough to use in the next maths lesson????
oh ...the joys of un-airconditioned prefabs in summer.
oh ... maybe boys in shorts didn't get grid marks on their legs -
I never had ice stopping the way up the hill but on my bike the head-wind while going up the Luteran church hill was a killer as it was even if I walked!!!
The young ones of today collected in cars miss all these memories.