Monday, 2 February 2009

Faith intact

That Michael Kirby can leave the High Court with his faith in the justice system intact says more about him than about the system. Though no doubt he would disagree. (here)
His minority judgments have been many and his championing of the cause of freedom and the rights of unpopular groupings have made him many enemies. A man who kept his sexuality secret from most of his colleagues, even some close friends until quite recently. He reminds us that, as important as sexuality is, it will not and should not be the sole defining factor in evaluating our place in history or society. It should not even be a major factor, and he has not allowed it to be so.
One hopes in the future that he will not just be remembered because he was openly gay (eventually) but because of his many principled judgments which often went against the majority, and almost always championed truth justice and ...well not the American way...but one would hope the Australian way.
God bless one clergy family who named their gorgeous son after this great Australian!!

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