Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pineapple Fritter

One commentator notes on one of my recent posts that "Grace doesn't appear to have lasted the week!"
Cryptic...but this could mean many things
I guess it flows from my original post about various small graces (here); though it is posted against my comments about Howard receiving the medal of "Freedom" from that great Freedom Fighter...George Bush...(here) or maybe it's just a reflection on the hideous state of affairs in Gaza.
So I just make my response a bit more obvious.....I think that part of the issue for the spiritual person is not that we should think that "grace" is an invitation to be pathetic, and to overlook the faults of others; to demur and be sweetly nice in the face of other people's appalling garbage, (like ranking Howard alongside Nelson Mandela) . But rather that we should recognise that (like a baby born) God touches our world more profoundly than we think...but goes unnoticed, and/or that we fritter away God's abundant life.
But I do say....
1. I am not gracious to JH... true I have found it difficult for some time to see him as anything other than the supreme political opportunist. The victim of his own hubris. Who would do anything to stay in power, and bend in any direction if it would get him re-elected.
2. The Gaza situation. There is always a deep sadness about the sort of gross abuse that is war (on both sides)
3. On a smaller scale our life fritters the grace away so easily, I guess the call to the spiritual person is to try and hang on to this and to recognise it in our midst. The message of Christmas

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