Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sorry but no!

I rather think that Australia Day is a curiosity, and that the call to change the date is timely. Though it is not easy to see how this discussion can take place, without its assuming greater importance than is warranted.
It is not more important than the republican issue, and we are not having that debate. It is not more important than debate about aboriginal health and education...or indeed anyone else's education and health. It is not more important than debate and discussion about the economy and the need to get ourselves back in shape.
It is a symbolical issue, and symbols are important...as a religious person I know that all too well....but it would seem to be low down the discussion list at the moment.
It doesn't mean that it shouldn't be publicly named and from time to time discussed, but it does mean that at a time when there are other pressing issues...more pressing than this one...that maybe we have to wait.
In that sense, I think Prime Minister Rudd is right to signal very quickly and clearly that he cannot justify being diverted by this discussion.
But in reality, in a democracy (PTL) we can discuss what we like...the PM is just telling us he won't (or perhaps can't) join in at this time

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