Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Summer's lease

It's dark in the morning! It was nice to get up and water at 6 a.m. But it was dark!
This is my annual groan about daylight saving. There are still 2 months and 5 days to go.
One can almost bear the thought of the end fo February being the official end, but it will not end until April 5th.
It is this morning darkness that I find hard to take (heaven knows what it is like in Ceduna).
It does not take too long after the southern midsummer solstice (by my reckoning 21 or 22 December) to realise the days get shorter, the sun rises today it was still dark (even if 34 degrees) at 6.
This is the efffect of daylight saving. Not so awful today when technically sunrise was at 6.31....on the penultimate day of daylight saving (April 4) it will be 7.31...this the effect of making it later and later.

Now I can't think this is a good strategy from the point of view of power since I suspect that people use less power once they retire for the day (ie. lots of people turn offf the heating and/or air conditioning) but on a day such as get up put it on and it plugs on until 9 at night.
Well a bit convoluted but you know what I mean.
This is not the same thing as daylight saving making the curtains fade....its about eking another hour of activity out of the day. An hour of light heat and power
Enough for now

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Anonymous said...

Not only do I hate getting up in the dark [and i always hate it] but I hate having to wake to an alarm. Its not even Feb and I am having to do doing both! What will I be saying in April!!! It won't be polite. I think extended DLS its a bizarre decision.