Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Kerry O' Brien accused Malcolm Turnbull of being disingenuous, (elsewhere defined as lacking candor) when he said that Treasurer Swan had declared on Sunday a 51 billion dollar shortfall, and today the PM talked of 150 billion. Turnbull could not resist saying "At this rate by tomorrow..."
Now, he is not given to taking such cheap shots, so, O'Brien rightly called him out. (you can chase it down here). I think Kerry the Red delighted in making dear Malcolm squirm, (it was his first program back for 2009).
Turnbull, who has rightly declared that a principal crisis strategy is bi-partisanship, likes (I suspect) economic management and dislikes political gameplaying. Because he doesn't like it he is uncomfortable and more importantly unconvincing. He doesn't seem like a political leader, it was interesting to hear Chris Pyne's faint praise ..."no leadership challenge from me" [anyone who has watched 'Yes Minister!' chuckles at such words. And leadership wrangling will not draw the public to support the Liberal Party.
Unless Turnbull looks like becoming PM he will no doubt lose interest in playing politics.....so I suspect unless there is some significant victory soon he will get out.
Not so disingenuous is dear Alexander who pontificated (yet again) on who is and who is not Australia's worst PM. (He chose Chifley and and Whitlam). A correspondent this morning rightly wonders why he overlooked Billy McMahon, and of course seriously questions Howard's record.
What is disingenuous is Downer's warning to Rudd;
He should not even dream of using a crisis for political advantage
What gall! Try telling the captain of the Tampa that or any of those who have been dragged into the war that Howard needed to bolster his own view of himself as an international player.

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