Monday, 16 March 2009


I did say earlier in the year that I would only groan once about daylight saving this year. But as I walked S to the train at 6.30 in the (much appreciated) drizzle it was DARK!!!!
And she complainmed about going to work in the middle of the night. And yesterday at least three people made similar observations.
I make the point (again) that on the penultimate day of Daylight Saving (April 3 or 4) the 'technical dawn' will be at 7.31 a.m. This is as late as it will get at the depth of the winter latyer in June-July.
No one imagines that whoever decided we would do this (and who did?) i.e. stretch daylight saving by beginning earlier and ending later will take the slightest bit of notice. But I feel for the people of Ceduna and the far west coast. It's just unnecessary. Grrrr!

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Anonymous said...

Ditto. So much harder to scrape yourself off the sheets when it is dark outside.

On the other hand ( to quote a well known local identity), it is good to have a bit of light to tidy up in the garden, if you can find such a half an hour.