Thursday, 12 March 2009


I am on "retreat" this week. This means I have gone away for a time of reflection. When you talk about it to people you can see some of them think...what a waste of time! Others are clearly thinking, what a bludge!
Yet others clearly wish they could make space & time, but we seldom do.
Others in the know also realise it is not a bludge, nor a waste of time. It is likely to have its gruelling moments...and I will miss the dog.
I also know that if I am to give out then I can't do this without taking in. So that's an important idea too.
Lest you think I am writing this from said Retreat, let me assure you that I wrote it before I went to automatically publish on Thursday (what a clever little sausage am I). See the week's gone already.

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