Thursday, 16 April 2009

Avast me hearties

News that the recent rescue of an American crew recently attacked by pirates has sparked retaliation (here) sends shivers up the spine.
Those of us who grew up with jolly swashbuckling pirates could be forgiven for thinking that they were really not to be taken seriously, and those of us who think, a la G&S, that "they are all noblemen who have gone wrong" are obviously seriously mistaken.
I also grew up in a town where a significant part of the English merchant fleet had been attacked by American pirates led by the infamous John Paul Jones , causing significant political and economic damage. This perhaps reminds us that pirates are not really a laughing matter.
The temptation? Ahh yes, the temptation will always be to go and blast the crap out of them....I suspect that most of us have no idea of the extent of the problem or of the logistics involved
But we must also recognise that part of these issues we are seeing erupting all over the place, where those who perceive they 'have not' are deciding to take matters into their own hands and demonstrating they are just as greedy and complicit as those they reckon have more, ....any way that long bloggish sentence was meant to convey that gross inequities in wealth will always fuel violence and aggression and , indeed, revolution. This is basic Marxism.
In a world where capitalism would appear to be, if not collapsing then, rethinking itself...we would be foolish to just dismiss all aspects of alternative theory out of hand. Marxism identifies a dynamic for violence and/or revolution which could become more evident as these tough times get worse.

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