Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Is enough, enough?

Crows player Nathan Bock has declared that he is repentant and ready to play.
He was caught striking his beloved in anger, whilst drunk. Crows management decided he should be (at least) temporarily suspended. And here we are a week or so later, and he declares he is ready to go.
Is it long enough?
We shall see what they decide. Personally I think spousal violence is a bit more serious!


Anonymous said...

Stephen, he damaged her handbag. Spousal violence is indeed deplorable but aren't you over reacting a tad? Check your sources it was nothing more than purse bashing!

stephen clark said...

While I am interested ├Čn your take on this ...reports says he was arrested for assault, which seems more serious than you are implying.
(See Triple M for example here:
Of course he also apologised, which would seem to indicatehe thought he should, unless he was being opportunistic.
The Club certainly took it seriously enough to suspend him...this too may have been window dressing.
And I guess even if what you say is accurate (and i haven't seen any substantiation of that)where do you call a halt to acts of aggression? Particularly when people are drunk as he allegedly was and lose sense of proportion.
I was, for example, once stabbed by a person with a vegetable peeler during the course of an argument. We`laugh about it now, but blood flowed, could have been my eye, the perpetrator could have been peelign with a on and so on.