Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Hideous docu-drama on SBS last night, The Road to Guantanamo. Essentially about British guys who may have got caught up in the whole shemozzle. They may have course have been guilty though the film makes a good case for them not being so.
But, in a way that is irrelevant.  Even if they were guilty as sin, and even if we acknowledge that only half of the abuse suggested on the film was true it was still too much.
The deliberate confining and restraining of people so that their minds would be strained, and their bodies broken; their dignity assaulted, and their basic human rights assailed...all this gives the lie to any idea that the captors were civilised.
While it is easy to suggest that (if they were guilty) these people may have been threatening lives, as soon as we commit atrocities in the name of 'justice' then the forces of evil have won.
If the civilised throw away their basic sense of decency and goodness, then they themselves have become the enemy...or should I say we ourselves have become the enemy.

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