Thursday, 28 May 2009

Who's training whom?

There are days when you have so many routine things to do that you wonder if you can actually go about the day's business.
One of the things that I am, in the middle of doing is training Alto (he is a great dog) but he is a puppy, and a beagle. Which means jumping up, catching rabbits, and finding drugs!!!
The slow process of training him to sit, and to walk properly seems to be going OK....he is very responsive...but in a way too smart for me.
Just when you think everything is going well he seems to take control and invent some new game to play.
Each feeding time is extended because I need to make him..sit and stay.. and he seems to have got it today.
But as my erstwhile colleague once noted, when she told me why she had rejected puppy school, you wonder who is being trained. There is no doubt about it the owner needs just as much (if not more) training than the pet.
I cling to the belief that I must have within me the capacity in this life to train one dog...or at least to be trained to train!

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