Monday, 4 May 2009

Will we ever get over the Holocaust?

Yet another person I know was deeply effected by the simple little film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. 
It is almost facile, though when I read the slender book a couple of months ago I did so in one sitting, and in the end was late for an appointment because I had to finish it.
The film, which youngest S and I went to see, is easy to get into. And is annoying in the way that 8 year old boys can be annoying. But seldom have I sat in a theatre at the end of a film and felt so much Angst, there was deathly silence, and the youngest S (who hadn't quite known what she was letting herself) in was quite upset. At 15 she should know what Auschwitz was all about.
Though you can see the end of this film coming a mile away it is nevertheless deeply shocking.
I keep wondering what the real theme of it is. It is more than just never forgetting the Holocaust. (though I am inclined to think we never should)...if we look at each character as echoing the same thing it is about how easily we lose control of our lives, and how evil can overwhelm even the best of us. That life is disorienting and we should be on our guard (1 Peter 5:8).
None of this should surprise us. But it still has the capacity to shock


legion said...

1 Peter presents a number of other challenges besides 5:8.

upanoc said...

Who 'gets it' all?

stephen clark said...

nevertheless the challenge of IPet 5:8 -to be disciplined, alert and repelling (repulsive?) is more important than we often think