Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Andrew Southcott-blah! blah!

What passes for federal Opposition these days seems to be talking down anything that the Government days. Trucking magnate, Lindsay Fox, is looking to repeat a trick he did in the days of 'the recession we had to have' (see here) which is to try and encourage relctant employers to defeat the unemployment temptation. This is not only economics but is also about confidence and reassurance, which Fox has in abundance. Basically the roadshow, former union boss Bill Kelty, Fox and others will try to talk this up.

As far as I can tell, this laudable suggestion (remarkably successful in former times) is surely worth ago. At least Fox thinks so.

The Opposition's response? Surprise! Surprise! Only criticism and political nay-saying from Opposition Participation spokesperson Andrew Southcott.

It is not a good look. Better by far to throw yourself in and make the program better than to whine and flap about like a wet fish, saying "This will never work!"

As I say, this is as much about confidence as anything. Less of the gameplaying, more of the statesmanship, leadreship and initiative.

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