Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mr Money

Anthony Keane,the erudite Money Editor both local and
national for the Murdoch Press wrote yesterday reflecting on advice given to him
when he was about to be married fifteen years ago.
He was a bit dismissive about marriage preparation courses I thought.I wrote to the Advertiser:

Your Money Editor, Anthony Keane, while discussing competing investment strategies presented to him when he was preparing to get married in 1995, seems to bemoan that one such strategy was that the priest "ordered" him to undertake a marriage preparation course.
I note that that advice seems to have worked since by his own admission he is well
and prosperouslymarried.
Perhaps he could use his prodigious talent to write one of his excellent articles illuminating the fact that not all "investments" are about money or property.
And I deny that I "ordered" him
to do anything.

(And indeed note the wedding ring on his finger in this photo!!)

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