Thursday, 16 July 2009

Isobel Redmond

I would not be new SA Liberal Leader, Isabel Redmond, for quids. It is clear that the local media is determined to not show her any fear or favour. I suspect this is justified on the basis that if she is a woman who wants to be treated equally then she should be treated roughly.
Also if she is inexperienced then she should not be shown any preference. The media hacks just can't help themselves. I personally thought that Matt and Dave almost wet themselves at the thought of hoeing into a new political target. Ian Henschke on Stateline bordered on the rude, and concluded his gruelling with .,.."Isobel the honeymoon is over!"
It is indeed!.
I hope she continues to demonstrate that she is well able to cope with the "steep learning curve"; that she is not distracted by the establishment in-fighting that has so bedevilled the Liberal Party for the last 40 years; that she is image-wise but not seduced by the image makers and that she continues to rebuke the shallowness of reporters who will only care what colour blouse she was wearing with what colour suit.
Let's hope for something better.

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