Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Peter Garrett- a bit sad

I guess there will be many who will note the irony of Peter Garrett approving the latest SA uranium mine.
Wednesday's editorial in The Advertiser patronisingly suggests that he has grown up!
It still begs all sorts of questions. (which I have suggested in various blog entries ever since he succumbed to political ambition).
I don't really think that we have had proper debate about nuclear energy in this country.
We sidestep the question of whether we can sell our uranium to almost all comers whilst claiming some sort of moral high ground in not looking seriously at whether or not we should be moving in that direction ourselves.
This is not to say that we do not have a similar dilemma with coal. Victims, like everyone else, of global warming ourselves we don't seem to be able to extricate ourselves from our exploitation of coal. Either for export or our own use. These things of course are not straightforward, and can't be done overnight.
I am open to being convinced that safe nuclear energy might be the way to go. But to be convinced we need to have robust and very public discussion. I don't think we are having or have had it.
People like Garrett who have capitulated looks as though they have given in to political expediency (and maybe for good reason). This only makes them look foolish because the reasoning does not seem to have been aired. I suspect Garrett has done better than that, but he is havign trouble getting the message out.

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