Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Have I suddenly become older?

I was just asked again when buying a ticket whether it was a "senior" or an "adult"
The person in front of me was a 'senior'...and to my mind looked old. Surely I don't look that old.
I did think afterwards I could have said "senior" and saved 50 cents!


Kordos said...

And then a ticket inspector would get on at the next stop ! Until last week I hadn't seen a ticket inspector for about 2 years - then halfway to town a man stood up, pulled out a clipboard and shouted for everyone to yet their tickets and concession cards out. I guess like myself, many on the bus had not seen an inspector for quite awhile as well and he caught a few people out.

stephen clark said...

well it was the pictures you see....not many ticket inspectors there!