Sunday, 4 October 2009

family in space

I have endured the joy and agony of one daughter in China and another in Spain (or is it France?) almost too much to work out what the various time differences are.
The real problem is not what the time differential is but what do you do if you have tsunami or earthquake.
In the back of my mind there is always the question of how might I access enough bucks to make a rescue dash.
And yet I also know that it's great that they encounter risk. When the Spanish daughter was little I used to make her climb the granite boulders on the eponymous island off the coast of Victor Harbor. This much to her mother's chagrin! Yesterday I prayed like mad that the God who loves her, and his Mother will be watching carefully over her.
Once, when I was rescuing her from a big mistake of the 16 year old kind, I wrote her a letter saying how awful it was to see the most beautiful thing I had ever known lying helpless on the ground. I trust her strength, God's love, the holy Guardian Angels and the Mother of Jesus (a lot of BIG guns) to look after the most beautiful thing in the world.


Anonymous said...

That IS a lot of BIG guns! You've covered all bases.

stephen clark said...

Yeah...and last night when she SMS's from Marseilles I resisted the temptation to ring...but I will ring tonight.
Love the big guns...pity those atheists don't understand