Friday, 30 October 2009

How to save money!

One of the ways I save money is through indecision. I have been thinking for some months about buying the Amazon ereader Kindle You download books (paying for them) and then can store up to 1500 on your kindle. They are just becoming available for Australian use, which involves a wireless connectivity (see a good review here)
Then there's the iphone. I am not great fan of cell phones, but have been impressed by the youngest S Clark's ability to use it for almost everything (other than tidying her room). I can only afford one...and I also need to rememebr that I went to turn the desktop on two days ago and it didn't turn on. The time is coming to replace.
Soooooo...not being able to decide I just don't do it.
Hopefully by then the KindleDX (next model) will be better and cheaper.

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