Monday, 2 November 2009


Here in our family we love 'Schadenfreude'. The peculiarly human trait of (secretly) delighting in the misfortune of others. It was interesting to see Mr A Downer expressing his Schadenfreude towards the Australian Government in today's paper.
Mr Downer's obvious delight in the inherited suffering of this present Government with regard to the difficult refugee plight (what he tells us is Schadenfreude) is a bit sad. He misunderstands that Schadenfreude is essentially kept to oneself and is not smug.
Perhaps it was the Smuggenfreude of the Downers, Abbots and Pynes that the electorate finally decided it had had enough of.
As for Downer extolling the virtues of using Nauru, it just serves to remind us that he still doesn't get it!! At least he admits that Nauru was particularly his unfortunate suggestion.

See the "Schadenfreude" song from AvenQ here the version When Harry met Schade!!(language warning!!!)

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