Friday, 1 January 2010

And off we go again

I won't even begin to speculate whether 2010 is the end of a decade or the beginning of a decade, three letters in the Adverstiser do so today. Get a life people!!!
Five things I hope for 2010:
1. That both political parties will stop using Refugees as political footballs and realise that we dealing with people whose lives are in turmoil.
2. That some of the money we waste on fireworks (tens of millions in this country each year) will be spent on something more worthy
3. That Sophie might learn to drive well
4. That the trouble in the Murray Diocese (see below) will be well and justly resolved
5. That the Anglican Church will stop playing nast prejudicial games with people who are same-sex attracted

There is a range of personal hopes that don't need to be aired here. Personal relationhsip hopes for some in the family, the resolution of matters of sickness and so on. It would be good, too, if S and I can progress our relationship and resolve a whole range of difficulties, so that we can clear the decks and move on.

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