Thursday, 31 December 2009

The crude price

Once again in SA the price of petrol sky rockets. It is difficult to understand how there can be a 16% increase in one day. It is also difficult to understand why the price might vary at a particular petrol station two or maybe even three times a day.
The local BP went from $1.15 to $1.18 and then amazingly went up to $1.33. But of course tomorrow is a public holiday. I remain unconvinced that local petrol stations can act so responsively to international fluctuations. Though, some try to tell us that is what is happening.
If you actually check the figures logic would tell you that at least if this were true there would be a vague approximation to the shape of the graph, even if there is a time shift. But there does not seem to be such. There is certainly nothing like the nuanced subtlety that would suggest petrol could go up 2c a litre one hour and then another 15c an hour later. It certainly seems slower coming back in the other direction.
Ahhhh! but, of course, tomorrow is a public holiday!!!

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