Monday, 14 December 2009

Boom go the strings of my heart

Westfield at West Lakes suggests that it should start charging for people to use its suburban shopping centre car park. This is almost as serious to the Australian psyche as charging for parking at the beach.
The whole pretext of the consumer's preference for suburban shopping rather than city centre is not having to pay for parking!
I want to ask, on one level, on what basis does Westfield occupy the West Lakes site (I imagine for example they may not be the owner but rather the lessee). For example at Marion the car park has parking control signs. These would seem to be operated by the local council! (ie. fines (usually only bothered about during the Christmas season...'tis after all the season to be jolly!!) are issued by the council). So let not the local council try to blame shift.
Personally I think Westfield are about to create one helluva local hullaballoo!!!

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