Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Wonderful! Wonderful! - (trouble in ) Copenhagen

While the nay sayers will no doubt have a field day with the fact that Copenhagen doesn't seem to be getting anywhere fast. And that there is fractious debate, and a lot of disagreement.
Can I at least ask the question: Who ever thought it was going to be otherwise?
While there is clearly a lot of diverse opinion about who caused all this, about what constituent parties can do; and whether (even) talking and paper shuffling can achieve anything...no one surely thinks this is easy.
So why would we not expect diversity, conflict and disagreement. Only those who want to politically point-score will see such as a negative, I rather think it is a sign of a robust debate. (perhaps some call robust debate....argument or disagreement or stoush...or what ever) and this must be good.
There will be no simplistic solution, there will be no gain without pain. And it is only the beginning, to think otherwise is just puerile.
I often say to my community when we feel swamped to the point where we feel that nothing we do will achieve anything.
If we do nothing then nothing will be done!
This self-evident truism is a warning for all of us against apathy.

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