Monday, 7 December 2009

Going out with a bang

There is no doubt, then, that Malcolm has decided he is not coming back! His lastest declamations on his blog ( reported here) and blog is here, declaim that he is of the opinion that the Liberal party has no likelihood of being taken seriously on climate change. Or of forming a credible policy.
This may or may not be the point. It points to the fact of why his leadership was always tenuous, he was more interested in the policy than the politics. And in politcs you have to do both.
It's true in parishes, too, the leadership can often have a very clear idea of what to do for the future but you have to be able to carry the community with you. This can sometimes test everyone other than the most patient, or saintly. It's often noted that Moses led the people out of Egypt into the wilderness to make a six week trip that ended up taking forty years! Sometimes it feels like that in parishes.
Certainly it must have felt like that to Turnbull, who with his fine mind and can-do ability readily grasped what needed to be done. This is why I kept predicting that he wouldn't be able to go the distance. Hanging round for forty years is not his style.
Of course in regard to climate change 'hanging round for forty years' is in no one's interest. And may indeed be too late.
Malcolm has decided to go out fighting, but go out he will!

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