Saturday, 5 December 2009

Tis the season

I am not one to bemoan the light-hearted spirit of Christmas. There is a big theological point to be made about the real world in which we live. Which is as much about frippery like Jingle Bells, as it is about the ontological existentialism of perceived reality (otherwise known as 'anything can mean anything if you want it to').
  1. So the other Friday night there were the youngest S Clark and I crossing the University footbridge when suddenly dozens, probably a couple of hundred Santas appeared from nowhere.

It is, as I say, the season to be jolly. Wish the photos were a bit better, but had to use the phone rather than the camera.


Bruce said...

Camera photos, but nice ones all the same. The top one is of where I took a photo of a swan for the title bar of my blog.

Nice spot for a walk as well. :D

stephen clark said...

It was quite surreal.

Bruce said...

Whoops. I meant "mobile photos" lol.

I imagine all those Santas would be surreal. There is something very Monty Python about the whole thing.