Monday, 21 December 2009

Small is beautiful

One of the things last week reminds me of is that catch cry of the 70s 'small is beautiful'
What ever else Copenhagen does, (and I think it is probably important), this global warming stuff has to be attacked on the personal front as well as the global.
Most people begin to realise that there is a downside to big cars, big houses and lots of stuff. And I suspect that most people are unhappy with their personal waste of food, clothes and junk. It is not always easy to see how to deal with this. But I guess the answer is to do what we can ourselves.
I made the observation yesterday that if nothing else comes out of Copenhagen then the name of Tuvalu has become something important. This small island nation will be amongst the first affected if the sea levels rise as predicted by some. They have little influence, and do not really have much clout in anything when it all boils down to it. Yet some how we get.,.small is beautiful and is what it is all about.

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