Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Too much compassion?

In comparing our two great leaders the ABC news says of Mr Abbott: "A man who is himself plain-spoken to the point of recklessness" and does indeed have a point.
Yesterday I heard him say about the next boat load of people escaping Indonesia..."If we are too compassionate..."
Now my question is "Can you be too compassionate?"
You can be "too kind" or "too naive" but I wouldn't have thought you can be too compassionate. Mr Abbot would know from his, albeit brief, theological training...that the word "passion" in the Latin means suffering, (not lust or romance as the popular mind would sometimes have it). And that compassion is "to suffer with". So either you try to share the suffering of others with them, and hopefully alleviate some of it by sharing it with them or you gameplay. It would seem all too apparent that we are getting ready to play the Tampa game again!

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