Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Wondering what to blog?-well now we know!!

I suppose many of us are sitting glued to the political nonsense going on in the Liberal party room this morning.
There is so much to say that it is difficult to know where to begin.
It is difficult to imagine that Turnbull will win, and one wonders what he might do. I have, of course, been saying ever since he went into the Parliament(see some of my blogs here) that in the end he would not put up with the political game-playing.
I think that Abbott's curious chopping and changing is an example of his political responsiveness which has been the hallmark of his career.(see some blogs here)
While on some narrow issues, the Catholic agenda we could call it for example, he is clear...he is so in the old-fashioned Liberal mould of responding to what might be successful in the electorate , and what might represent driving a wedge between themselves and the Labor Party...that we can expect fireworks.
The Hockey compromise has ultimately been seen as unworkable

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