Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The biggest blunder yet!

While, of course, it remains to be seen...I suspect we have seen the biggest Opposition blunder yet with Ms Bishop's breaching of the protocol with regard to security information (here).
While she may post factum have tried to put the genie back in the bottle and say that she didn't reveal information that can only have come from confidential briefings as the SMH said
When asked directly if Australian intelligence agencies forge passports, Ms Bishop – a former cabinet minister in the Howard government – replied “yes”.
There was a bit of furious back-peddling but it is pretty clear that she was relying on being privy to security information, about which there is a strong convention hat nothing is ever said.
Can't help but think that this political game-playing to try and embarrass each other has got a bit out of hand.
What will this mean? Well I was surprised to see both Mr Smith in the Parliament and the PM last night both seething ...and indeed quite shaken...that this had happened. Bishop, as I say, seemed to be furiously back peddling, but it's rather too late and exposes that sometimes there are serious misjudgments about what can be used to beat your political opponent over the head.

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