Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The cost of justice

The ongoing dispute between the Diocese of the Murray and its Bishop , Ross Davies, (here) has taken another step towards resolution. Though, I guess this his been going on for nearly half a decade.
The toll on the Diocese seems astronomical and warns us about the enormous, potentially paralysing, cost of an hierarchical system.
That is, a system where one person or office can virtually hold the whole structure to ransom.
It would be inappropriate to comment on the Murray case, given that the case is now in session; save to say
that if part of a structure is found to be dysfunctional, or that other parts of the structure can't cooperate with it then obviously it is good to be able to stand that aside for the time it takes to work it out.
The trouble with a hierarchy which has a one-person pinnacle is that if that pinnacle is the problem you can't replace it until it's found it needs to be replaced. We don't even have a way of placing a temporary stand-in in place.
It is something that needs to be looked at, as there seems to be an increasing number of possibilities for dysfunctionality

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