Friday, 23 July 2010

Election truth

Sorry to not have blogged o'er much lately.
The truth is that I find I have an amazing confusion of thoughts about what on earth is going on. But nothing terribly riveting. So I am resisting the temptation to prattle on about nothing.
Though I am tiring of those people who are still going on about the way K Rudd was despatched. My impression is that most of the people who are saying he was dumped unceremoniously are the very ones who were also bleating that he had to go.
I find the Abbott's and the Bishop's comments in this regard particularly laughable.
The latest story to have emerged about Rudd's high-handed treatment of the National Security Committee (NSCC) show why he had to go.
No matter how much of a saviour he was at the last election, this gave him no right to indulge his natural temperament ...what seems to be that of the dictator...we live in a democracy. And democracy of its very nature is consultative. Not fiat driven!

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