Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I know what I'll be watching

Does it mean that I am pathetic that I would choose to watch Masterchef rather than a debate between our beloved leaders?
Or does it mean that there is something deliberate here that we are not seeing? I refuse to believe that the media-savvy advisors of one and all are not aware of what most Australians will choose to watch. Maybe they don't want us to actually watch them this time around, because while they could not be seen to be reluctant to debate...maybe they are rather unsure about how the volatile electorate will receive them and so would prefer we not watch. I will happily oblige.


Anonymous said...

how very presumptuous of you to assume that your words would guide us away from that which we should all be interested in, the welfare of our country and the people who live here remember their words/promises could affect your living to.

stephen clark said...

I make no such presumption, and note that I am only reflecting on what I am going to do.
It's interesting that the pollies seem to have come around to this understanding and are likely to shift the debate!