Thursday, 8 July 2010

...ohhh no election time again

Apart from being my favourite movie (here) I have been wondering about the ten things I hate about the presenting parties at this election time....these will no doubt grow as time goes on so check back
  1. I hate their failure to provide sufficient distinction between themselves and their opponents. This phenomenon will no doubt go down in the history books as the decade in which the two parties became indistinguishable
  2. I hate their capitulation to market driven economics and their desertion of the commitment to traditional labor policies in education, health and social welfare
  3. I despise the fact that the Labor party's compassion for the underdog has now been thrown away
  4. I hate that they are no more compassionate to refugees than their opponents
  1. I hate the proposition that they and they alone have the answers
  2. I hate the opportunism that in getting control of the senate they refuse to take responsibility for the fact that they alone are responsible for the failure of the Carbon Emissions Tax
  3. I hate a particular candidate in whose electorate I have been who appears to have taken his electorate for granted until our support appear to have been in doubt.
  4. I hate the way refugees have been treated
There is a certain irony in this post. It is based substantially on a similar post of 3 years ago!!
Not much has changed.

One of my correspondents observed about that post
I won't be voting for either party.
and I replied
Well, I have a dilemma as I live in Boothby!
I haven't voted for either major party for the 12 years we have lived here...but I guess even if you don' do!

As I say...not much has changed

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