Sunday, 29 August 2010


Good articles in the Sunday Mail today. Senator X tells us that being an independent is akin to being a virgin....and you shouldn't give it away for nothing....I like this (and agree)
We should not be surprised that the two big parties don't like this...they like to be in TOTAL control.
So they wouldn't like Mr T who writes to the Advertiser advocating (as I do) that Senate voting needs to include the option of PREFERENTIAL-ABOVE THE LINE - that is not just vote 1...and then allow the parties to decide where our preferences go...but rather to vote what ever preferences we want. Good idea.(see my previous blog)
And the opinionated David Penberthy tells us that if the big parties give in to the gang of three or four (depending on your inclination) and their demands to be transparent and to actually be allowed access to accurate information (like costings)...then all hell will break loose.
It's interesting that Steve Bracks, one of the few Premiers to actually have experience of minority Government seesm to extol the need to be more transparent as a big pluss!!!!!
I suppose we shall just have to wait and see.

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