Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hats on...pants down

Alleged independent MP Bob Katter may be the real spanner in the works when it come to unravelling this election dilemma.
His bigger than big personality is surrounded by an even bigger hat! To be sure he talks a lot of sense (in my opinion) about the rapine that has taken place of country Australia. This would seem to be the great unifying factor for the gang of three. But this morning on AM we hear a less sensible version of his rantings (here).
He likens himself to Jo Bjelke who he calls 'one of my great heroes'. This should set all sort of alarm bells going.
If that was not enough he also dismisses Ross Garnaut & Nicholas Stern as 'lightweights' on the climate change issue. One supposes that the less you are inclined to agree with them the more lightweight someone becomes.
The Big Question, is whether the other two feel likewise. If they do then it is all over for a little while as they must side with Abbott you would think.
The real worry, which is only just beginning to be canvassed, is what happens if the gang of three go in different directions. So far the simple maths has rather depended on them going as a bloc. If that was so we would go into the tricky 76/74 balance. But if it's actually 75/75 then it seems to me that this is probably unworkable

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