Monday, 23 August 2010

The Tower of Babel

As I reflected on the events of the weekend my mind went to the story of the
Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 . While it may seem to some a little too religious as a reflection on politics it is an archetypal story about what humanity does when words become shallow and vacuous and leaders begin to think they are in control of the universe and can promise anything

The Tower of Babel

Did we just witness
Babel's tower
and the damage it has done
to public confidence
to those whose voice is never heard

Did we hear
women and men,
as they strove to touch the sky,
promise to give
what they can
never deliver?
And caring less
than they have cared before
to gain a moment's approval?

Do I make
a bold assumption
that my words are
any less of a Babel
as I write, and speak,
and chit and chat
and not listen to others,
to myself
or to God?

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